Turbo John Racing Uncategorized World’s Fastest 8.2 Deck small block ford?

World’s Fastest 8.2 Deck small block ford?

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 Is this the worlds fastest 8.2 deck engine? This is generally a N/T car, but he showed MPH from one of his timeslips from last year. Wow, that is some impressive MPH (and yes that is 1/8 mile), when you see this you are gonna flip! He has also recently created his own youtube channel, please go subscribe to his channel to see more great content and maybe later this year he will spill the beans and show a full timeslip!
Jason has a great crew and wants to thank: Wife Kimberly, Daughter Camryn, Dad Richard, Jamie Macintosh, Earl Mitchell, Scott Hollandsworth and Greg Bullock and his sponsors: Precision Fab and Wiring, Apple Engine, Forced Inductions Turbo, Wet King Customs and Rigney Speed Shop.

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