Turbo John Racing Uncategorized Turbo Ranger! 5 hours at Track, NO PASSES! All Work!

Turbo Ranger! 5 hours at Track, NO PASSES! All Work!

Welllllll, made the trip to the track to help my buddy out with his turbo Ford Ranger! Got some new go fast parts so we got there early to get lots of data on the track. Truck never made it out of our stall space, but we did manage to burn the trans fluid chasing a spool up problem. I’m pretty confident it’s not the tune, simply because I tried all the tune up stuff I could throw at it, rich to lean, to no O2 sensor, from closed loop to no closed loop. Would not work. You need three things to have power: Spark, Fuel, Compression. One of those is screwed up and he is chasing the bugs down. He called me this morning and thinks he has some plug wires that are coming apart, so we are hoping that is it and it is simple!


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