Turbo John Racing Uncategorized Turbo John Saturn / Going under the Knife and a quick visit with @ThePaintPaperHustle

Turbo John Saturn / Going under the Knife and a quick visit with @ThePaintPaperHustle

Alright…….if you want to have a race car, you gotta love working on racecars…..Today we made it over to Randys shop where the Saturn is going under the knife for some modifications. We also now have Turbo John Zippy Ties………But these are not normal zip ties. Go check out our website if you are interested in ordering….

Zippy-Ty Labels for Wiring Harness

Then we headed over to Courtney’s YouTube: The Paint and Paper Hustle to see how progress was coming on the Comet………Let’s just say he is busting his butt to get this thing back together…Go check out his YouTube to follow along


The Drag Racer’s Wife sub to her channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZxw7CB-UsKWWo3Lf1uV4-g

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