Turbo John Racing Uncategorized Shannon Young’s…HOT 28” Tire Mustang…A Look at his ride!!!

Shannon Young’s…HOT 28” Tire Mustang…A Look at his ride!!!

Update, Update, Update: Bloodbath has a youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6gUhqisbQFg4WnQO2CnWGA Please go subscribe to his channel to stay update on the car!

You can catch this mustang at the track almost every weekend! If the car will move under its own power into the trailer, and sometimes even if not it is heading to the track! Lots of hard work and effort, really paying off in getting win lights. No Prep, semi prep and full prep, it makes no difference. HE IS COMING TO WIN! Small tire 28″ racing is hot now, and two of the hottest classes is Carolina N/T Small Block Boost and Mike Hill’s N/T Limited 28 class. Shannon has one of the front runners in both classes and can usually be found in the WINNERS circle pics! Here’s a few minutes of convo with him about his ride and what it is and ain’t! Usually stirring the pot, trying to get races and get the mental advantage before the race even happens!


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