Turbo John Racing Uncategorized Reusing used motor oil!

Reusing used motor oil!

Oh wow!!! So this may be the cheap of the cheap, but I re-use my motor oil out of the race car. Back in the race car, LOL! I run methanol, and methanol and condensation really contaminate the oil so frequent oil changes are required. Normal motor oil, once it gets contaminated the oil is done and has to be discarded. But we found an oil that will separate the water and condensation out of the oil if it is heated to a high enough temperature! There may be other name brand oils that do this also, but Brad Penn is what we use! I’m sure they will not recommend this, but it works! Takes a little time, but only a few minutes compared to the money saved! So this is my, how to change motor oil. In the race car, LOL.


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