Lucky Lane Flip Coin


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Never get stuck in the staging lanes again, searching for a coin to flip from everyone’s empty pockets.

Every racer has been there. You’re standing in the staging lanes, ready to flip for lane choice and nobody has a coin. After minutes of everyone looking around, checking their pockets and coming up empty, you finally borrow a nickel or dime from someone’s kid. It’s aggravating and distracting when you need to focus on the race ahead of you.

The Lucky Lane Challenge coin solves this problem so you can focus on getting the win lights.

  • One side is engraved with the image of a turbo, the other side with nitrous bottles.
  • At 1.5” in diameter and 3.5mm depth, it’s perfect for flipping.
  • Shiny silver finish with 3d graphics so it’s easy to see the flip.

Stop calling heads or tails – now it’s all about the racing.

Additional information

Weight .4 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × .25 in