Turbo John Racing Uncategorized N/T 28″ Tire Shootout. Galot Motorsports Park

N/T 28″ Tire Shootout. Galot Motorsports Park

Wow, what a night of racing we had at Galot Motorsports Park! We had a blast and had 20 cars sign up for the race! This was a wide variety of cars, with lots of different power adders. Nitrous, superchargers and turbo’s were everywhere! These cars are super fast and the track was in great shape. Finals ended up being Randy Eller and Jason Tyson with Jason taking home the win and a great custom trophy. Thanks to the sponsors that helped make this happen: Galot Motorsports, Motorcycle Madness, LS Nasty, RS Equipment Sales, Emmett Rittenour/Caitlin Lutes and Bissette Performance.

I also got a pass in my car, the boos creep was gone and the boost curve was nice and flat. I really think it is fixed this time. I show the data log at the end of the vid!


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