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My Car Details, new name for car “Second Hand”?

Ok, ok, ok…… Everyone has car names now, I have called mine every name in the book.LOL And then apologized when it started behaving again. But I been thinking about different names for the car, and I think I finally came up with the best that fits! “Second Hand” is very appropriate!

Anyone that knows me, knows that “budget racer” should be my middle name. My funds for the racecar are always low and I try to buy everything used as much as possible, LOL. And I try to do enough research and investigating that I only have to buy the stuff once. Let me think what is used on this car and see if the name fits: iron eagle block, GRP connecting rods, Comp Cams lifters, T&D Shaft Rockers, Bryant Crankshaft, RHS intake, elbow, JGS BOV’s, EBAY wastegates, hot side piping (3rd turbo kit I have made with most of the same pipes), injectors, fuel cell, driver seat, shifter, transmission, drive shaft, turbo core (Jose rebuilt it and made it like new GTR102), Holley HP, D585 Coils.

Yep, I really think “Second Hand” is a great name for this car! What do ya’ll think?

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