Turbo John Racing Uncategorized Is it a promod or promodish? Drag Racing Testing at Thunder Valley.

Is it a promod or promodish? Drag Racing Testing at Thunder Valley.

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My quick definition of a promod! If you build a chassis and then set a body on the car, you have a promod! Justin and Swan gang are building a promod to break the stock block ls record. He and John Doc gonna be duking it out! Now he is saying it’s not a promod. Maybe he is right, it’s not a “full” promod, but it’s 7/8’s of the way there.

Ya’ll go check out Justin Swanstrom youtube page and tell me what you think! Promod or no?

I guess it can identify as it pleases, LOL……..and here is some more passes I recorded from this past weekend at Thunder Valley.

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