Turbo John Racing Uncategorized Hoosier Bracket Radials v/s M/T Pro Bracket Radials (first look)

Hoosier Bracket Radials v/s M/T Pro Bracket Radials (first look)

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Putting the Hoosier Bracket Radial and M/T Pro Bracket Radial side by side and looking at the similarities and the differences. I have ran the M/T Pro Brackets for several years and love them, but wanted to try the Hoosier tires for more limited prep/no prep tracks. Only made 3 passes on the Hoosiers so far, but I”m impressed at the moment. Tire shake is one of the things I really dislike about the M/T Pro’s. The 3 passes I made with the Hoosiers, there was no shake and on the last pass they actually spun, then recovered with no shake! I’ll see how they respond when I start throwing the power at it. Sidewall is a lot softer on the Hoosier and they seem to wrinkle more and absorb some shock. You can really see the sidewall difference by the way the Hoosier wrinkles are much closer together, similar to a slick.

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